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Lansing, MI April 3, 2017 – The new Hiipe app rewards you for communicating as you do already. Chat, talk, share, browse and earn points; redeem through raffles and discounts from merchants worldwide.

Hiipe Features Include:
Device Independence – You can access your account from any Android or iOS device
Social Network – Chat with friends and connect with friends of friends
Smart Points – Earn points for inviting friends, chatting and all you do to stay in touch
Rewards – Use your points to enter raffles and win prizes or get discounts from participating merchants, worldwide
Privacy and Security – Keep your phone number private with patented technology and your chat secure with end-to-end encrypted communication.

Hiipe engages users with merchants worldwide. As users have fun doing what they do, they become loyal customers to merchants worldwide. Merchants will have access to all Hiipe customers all over the world and they will be able to create promotional raffle campaigns and offer discounts to the users they target. Why lose up to 50% of your sales in commission fees through services like Groupon and Living Social when you can potentially reach millions of users for free?

Hiipe was founded by Heine Nzumafo, a former U.S Army Officer, who was born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa and who now resides in Lansing, Michigan. He commented, “I created Hiipe after asking myself a simple question – “if you could get frequent flyer miles for flying or loyalty points for shopping why can’t you get points for the chatting you do every day? You should get points and be rewarded for the time you spend on your phone just like you do travelling or shopping!”

Hiipe does just that, which is why I describe it simply as WhatsApp meets Groupon.”

During beta, Hiipe is offering raffles to users while merchants can pre-register to offer raffles and discounts in the near future. Soon to be released features include improved Android to iOS calling and an enhanced browsing experience.

Hiipe is available for free on iOS and Android. Download Hiipe today at http://hiipe.me/apps
Learn more about Hiipe at http://hiipe.me
Follow Hiipe on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HiipeApp ), Twitter and Instagram (@HiipeApp).

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